Cacophony of the Mind

Greetings all.  Welcome to Halfacre Pond, the centralized home of my creative endeavours.   Here you will encounter the short films I make, web serials I produce,  photography projects, podcasts, etc.  Along side these visuals, I shall present you with articles of thought sparked from my brain on topics various and sundry.

First up on the schedule is a short film I created for the Rode MyReel 2014 International Short Film contest entitled Cacophony of the Mind.

CotM was born when I asked myself one question: What is the simplest, easiest to shoot with no budget idea I can execute in 3 weeks?  The idea started as a lark – with the obvious answer to that question being one long shot in which nothing Quiet Peoplehappens.

Ideas started percolating from there and in fact the entire creative process behind the film is what became the subject matter of said film which eventually found some context in an unusual place – an internet meme.

I let the concept simmer for about a week, bouncing it off a few people, growing it as I did so. The reception was surprisingly positive for something I thought would be just a lark. It grew into more of a thought piece than I expected.

It isn’t the best short film in the world, the most insightful, the most awe inspiring, or any other superlatives, this I know, but I am still proud of it because it is the first film project I have actually completed (nearly) to my satisfaction.


Yes, there are minor quibbling details about the final product I am not happy with, and of course no creative project is ever finished, but for once I got it done the way I wanted it to the absolute best of my ability, given the time and circumstances presented to me.

It is a cohesive piece with a message, meant to provoke thought and cause you to take notice of yourself and others around you, which delivers on the promise of all stories told.

I am proud of myself and feel a sense of accomplishment.  This, world, is what I can do.  Look out, there’s more on the way.

Until next time.

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