He Was A Quiet Man

He Was a Quiet Man (2007) starring Christian Slater and the delightful Elisha Cuthbert is fraught with betrayal. It’s a film that can’t really decide what it is. I would actually like the message of the film were it not for the ending. Thinking back, the signs were there, even aside from the talking fish, things never seemed quite real – yes it’s one of those “played out in his head” films that rewinds to a pivotal moment early in the story. The performances given by Slater and Cuthbert were solid, William H Macy lends his talents as well, playing the skeevy boss.

Ahh…Elisha Cuthbert. She’s had an interesting career. Remember when she was the co-host of Popular Mechanics for Kids? Then she grew up. Quite nicely. Her character in this becomes a symbol of redemption and healing, and it would have been nice had they left it that way, rather than SPOILER ALERT: rewinding and having Slater’s character blow his head off. (highlight to reveal) 

That sealed the deal for me and I will not recommend this film.

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