Let Your Geek Flag Fly

IGN recently published an article about the geekiest or most geek friendly areas on the country based upon certain facebook search criteria.  I know, not the most scientific method of research, but the results were pretty spot on from my experience.

I live in the South, and yes, it is difficult to find fellow geeks in the area and is somewhat a Geek Hell despite events like Dragon*con, Heroescon, AWA, and the admittedly many cons available throughout the region.  The rest of the year though? Very difficult – which probably heightens the con experience – with very few places like minded individuals can go to be themselves.

This being the case, how do you show solidarity with your fellow geeks? What do you do to mark yourself as one in the know to others in the know?

Personally, I rely on my graphic tee collection. I’ve made more friends and elicited more comments with my “Melty Welty, Timey Wimey” shirt – depicting a melting Police Call Box and Clocks in the style of Dali – from teefury than anything ever. Close second is “Warning: Inevitable Betrayal” featuring a T.Rex nomming on a certain class of space ship.

My friend and fellow contributor Richard literally has a flag pole to which he attaches the Federation flag, the White Tree of Gondor, or the Independents’ flag. (He also has some sports-ball related flags and a pirate flag…but we’ll only acknowledge the pirate flag)

Another buddy keeps it simple and understated with his +1 Bag of Holding and a smattering of graphic tees.

There are numerous options to fly your geek flag with cellphone cases, tees, bags, literal flags, and any of the myriad of geeky accessories you can find at cons. The best part is non-geeks probably won’t get the references and will just leave you be.

So, don’t be afraid, even if you’re in a Geek Hell area, fly your Geek Flag proudly and let your brothers and sisters know “YES, I AM HERE”

Just don’t whisper “Hail Hydra” to someone…they could take it badly. You do realize Hydra is the bad organization right? Outgrowth of Nazis? Not cool, people, not cool. Insidious meme.

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