I miss appointment TV, mostly because you don’t have to worry about spoilers. Seriously.  I love talking about things I’ve watched really shortly after I have seen them.  While the event is still fresh in my mind, while the excitement of it still makes me giddy, while whatever it is I’ve watched still has my mind reeling and hungering for MORE.

Thanks to DVR and the internet, people no longer watch TV live. You don’t have that feeling of “Damn, I missed it,” and no longer have to ask your buddy what happened the next day just so you’re not lost for the next episode; having to suffer until summer reruns to see what you missed out on.  No big deal, I don’t have time for live TV myself anymore, or rather I don’t make the time as I did in my youth. I watch my shows around my schedule. Convenient.

Cue the Spoiler Hawks. The people who screech and holler at ANY mention of their ‘beloved’ TV show and verbally claw your eyes out in case you should happen to let slip a miniscule tidbit of info about the show.  Or, heaven forbid, try to connect with this said Hawk by talking to them about a shared interest. It’s an annoying pet peeve of mine, this Hawking.  People have been blocked or unfriended by me because they screeched up a storm on MY feeds because I said something along the lines of “Wow, that was a good episode.”  These people annoy me greatly, and I no longer put up with it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to intentionally spoil something big for you, but you damn well ought to make an effort to watch something you supposedly LOVE so much you’re going to OMG DIE IF YOU FIND OUT BRUCE WILLIS WAS A GHOST THE ENTIRE TIME… All that wasted time screeching at everyone to not say a word about this particular episode or whatever could be spent making time to watch it.

If you have not successfully made this effort after a respectful period of time, you have no one to blame but yourself, so don’t screech at others for your poor entertainment choices.  Live with the consequences. It obviously wasn’t that important to you. Shut up.

Hawks ruin the fun by being late to the party and then pooping all over anyone trying to have a civil discussion about something entertaining.

This lack of appointment TV combined with Hawking…It isolates us in our geek.  Keeps us from speaking our minds and sharing an experience, because, we don’t share the experience.

I have always had the best experiences with shows or movies or whatever when I’m able to share in the excitement with other like-minded individuals.  It’s a positive feedback loop of awesomeness, walking out of a midnight show with a good group of friends, loving a movie and talking about it in the parking lot and again the next day at work. It enhances the experience.

Now, with all that being said.  I’m going to discuss television shows and movies and anime and comics and books and all manner of event driven media. I’m not going to worry about spoilers – it would be a very boring article if all it said was “it was good.  I liked it” and gave no reasoning.

I will, however, be respectful of those who wish to enjoy a piece and put this warning out: If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read an article on that particular subject. Go watch it. I will be mindful of where the spoilerish info is placed.  It will always be below the fold, as they say, and never in the headlines. Sometimes I might even go so far as to place heavy, game changing, spoilers in white text with extra warnings.


Honestly though, the term spoiler has been used incorrectly.  Doctor Who uses it correctly when River Song would warn The Doctor in that sing-song tone “Spoilers” when they were tiptoeing around critical information on his future that would impact the outcome of events. This is not equal to saying Ned Stark loses his head at the end of GoT Season 1.  It does not dramatically spoil your life or even your day.  Side note: that knowledge has been around for nearly 20 years, read a book people.

In fact, “spoilers” are sometimes what gets me to watch a show. It’s not until I find out the details of some excellent turn of story point that I become interested in a show.  Often times the show or movie’s bland, scrubbed, clean description leaves me entirely wanting and really does not do the work justice and I end up passing on a show until a buddy tells me later – “hey man, you should be watching this…they do __________” and suddenly, hey, I’m interested.

Because someone told me what the show is REALLY about and what I can get excited about and have to look forward to.

And so, I shall speak my mind freely on these topics.  I shall talk about how excellent certain points of story or events were or really whatever excites or fascinates me about a show, movie, or book. It’s half the fun I get out of my consumed media.

Hope you’ll join me for some lively discussion on the things I view.

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