Guardians of the Galaxy

Not familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy? Not surprised. Get familiar. Their arrival puts the “universe” in MCU and will launch us into space. Been wondering about Thanos at the end of Avengers? About Benicio Del Toro, aka The Collector, after Thor2. We’re about to get some answers, I presume.┬áBut more on that later. Guardians. Brilliant. Love the trailer. It rekindled hope for the film after I was admittedly disappointed in the initial casting. It’s a film that went through production hell, but I think they finally found their way. The trailer shows a deeper understanding of Star-Lord and the unique feel that the Guardians of the Galaxy comic has. It’s about a quirky, rag-tag, bunch who are just at home swilling copious varieties of intergalactic fermented liquids in a space-bar (cause everything is cooler in space) or saving the universe. They’re kind of a big deal, but it’s a big universe so not everyone has heard of them yet. The orange headphones are a subtle touch I appreciated. Also, for any who watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the blue guy messing with them looks mighty familiar. Karen GIllen has a look I wasn’t expecting, but love, even deprived of her gingerness. Also, have we hopes of a Nova movie spinning off from this? John C Reilly is wearing the emblem of the Nova Corps on his chest. I’m calling it now. SPOILER ALERT MAYBE? We’ll see a cameo from RDJ as Tony Stark/IronMan if not a full on story role near the end. (highlight to read) I can’t wait. An absolute Must See.

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