NGE – Live?

Neon Genesis Evangelion Live Action Movie To Be Directed By Michael Bay…..Finally

When I see such articles appear in my Facebook feed, like everyone else I have to read it immediately.  So far the general consensus is; “Oh my God no…Noooooooo…Whhhyyyyyyyy”.

On the contrary who would be better than Michael Bay to direct Evangelion?

I say no one.

I know everyone will quote some facts or errors about some scenes in one or more of his movies or just explosions, blah blah blah. The fact remains that you will still go see it in theaters and enjoy it, just like the rest of his films – which you love to bitch and moan about.  I’ve known plenty of people who say how much they hate his films and tell me they will never go see them, and yet they are first in line for tickets on opening night.  Just like TMNT. You will go see it and complain afterwards, and then buy the collector’s edition merchandise. [Editor’s Note: No, I won’t. Unless the entirety of the Internet rises with one voice proclaiming it the best movie ever.]

When Hideaki Anno ended NGE originally, he received death threats because he left the series confusing.  I believe this would be motivation enough to stay true to the story.

In the end Michael Bay will do what he does best: fighting robots, half-naked Megan Fox, with massive explosions everywhere – and it will be awesome.  He has the experience working with giant robots from the Transformers series, so he knows how to do the EVAs, and for the most part would stay true to the series, give or take.

Just imagine the EVAs versus Angels.

The battles over Tokyo 3.

In Imax 3D.Evas and pilots

Side Note: When talking to James about this the other night, I proposed that same question: Who better to direct?  Around 3 in the morning I get a response of “Del Toro”, to which I responded “he would be guest director”.

[Editor’s Note: And I say it’d be a good team up to have Bay direct, and Del Toro design the Angels.]

[More Editor’s Note: Also, people, this project is at best speculative hype from the media related to a question he was asked on the Transformers/TMNT press junket in Asia and the coy response Bay gave.]


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