Hi Hi

Hi, hi, hello

Just wandering in before I must go.

Away, away, away again

And again

Just wanted to say hello.

“Hello,” I say, before I must go.

Which I really should.

Go, I mean. Though I’d rather not.

Rather would I stay here and tap away at these keys creating letters and words for you to see.

To see and feel loved, for I love all who read my words.

How can I not?

Thank you for being here, though, I really must go.

I mean, really. Life is much better when I’m writing. I get to talk more than I ever do in person. Let it all out.

Pent up thoughts and emotions. Things eating away at my insides, cleverly disguised in allegory and allusion.

Or not. At least some obfuscation, just a dash, to mask the identities of the innocent and ultimately innocuous.

I don’t want to.

I won’t.

I’m going to sit right here and not go. So long as you’re with me, I won’t go.

Even if I sit in silence, I’m tired of not being here and so here I shall be.

Unless you’re annoyed of me.

Well then if that’s the case, you can be the one to go.

One of us should.

Should be about the business of the day. All the busy-ness. Too busy.

Be responsible and productive.

Well I’m productivating words right now so that’s my excuse for staying.

And I’m sticking to it.