The Stone Bill

I am going to throw this out there I love beer, all different kinds of beer. In the past few weeks Governor Nikki Haley signed a new bill in effort to get new breweries to move to South Carolina. It originally began as a way to get Stone Brewing Company to move to South Carolina.

The bill allows breweries to sell food and retail at their business and brew pubs to distribute their beer. Although the down side is brew pubs have to turn in their liquor licenses, which I believe is a somewhat fair trade off.

What this means to the everyday beer drinker

The “Stone bill” will allow more breweries to come in with fewer restrictions on selling their own beer. I am looking forward to seeing how many different beers come to South Carolina. I am hoping for more local breweries to open in the Upstate – I am sick of the overdone IPA.

So for the inner hipster in all of us, this has been a monumental step forward to better beer .

My beer list

I am a huge fan of brown ales:
Lonerider- Sweet Jose
BBC Nutbrown

For the summer I go for wheat beers:
Leinenkugel Summer shandy

Winter beer:
Blue moon-Winter moon

When I go to Hooters:
Coors light- large quantity