Sad Watanabe is Sad, and Horrified, and Lonely…

…and oddly aroused.

…and has to pee.

#SadWatanabe is a rising trend drawn from the shots of Ken Watanabe in the new Godzilla movie looking – justifiably – horrified and stunned out into the distance.  As my friend Sean puts it “Ken’s gone bye-bye” and who wouldn’t when confronted with Gojira and the fact that this coccoon you’ve been studying for your entire life just drank all of the radiation and turned into a horny flying death monster?

I’m not sure why people focus on “sad” when they see Watanabe’s excellent performance.  Yes, he is staring blankly…but it’s just that…blank…perfectly blank.

Odessa Steps Sequence from Battleship Potempkin

Odessa Steps Sequence from Battleship Potempkin

It relies on the editing of horrifying scenes around it to give it context much as Sergei Eisenstein showed us with his editing experiments in Battleship Potempkin.  Boring as hell, but one of the foundations of cinema, it gave us the much homaged “Odessa Steps Sequence” (you’ll know it as the Baby Carriage scene)

In that spirit, my buddy Sean over at Westphall Media has conducted an experiment of his own using one of Watanabe’s blank stares from the trailer edited together with some other classic cinema moments.  Notice how the surrounding clips change the mood and emotion conveyed by the stare.


All that being said, the new Godzilla is a great movie. Beautiful cinematography and craft exhibited throughout the film. It lost me a little in the middle, but the end brawl goes beyond making up for that.